Locked Up


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Manipulated into embezzling funds for her boyfriend and sentenced to prison, a naïve young woman must quickly learn to survive in a harsh new world. She was a victim of circumstances, not a true criminal. But in prison, she'll become the person she never thought she could be.

Najwa Nimri, Berta Vázquez, Alba Flores, María Isabel Díaz Lago, Ruth Díaz, Marta Aledo, Laura Baena Torres, Huichi Chiu, Jesús Castejón, Javier Lara, Ana Marzoa, Luis Callejo, Adriana Paz, Maggie Civantos, Inma Cuevas, Carlos Hipólito, Roberto Enríquez, Cristina Plazas, María Salgueiro, Ramiro Blas, Alberto Velasco, Daniel Ortiz, Harlys Becerra, Verónika Moral

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